Neo Carbon™ Technology

Driven by our belief that hockey must continuously push forward, we gave our team of engineers a simple but massive challenge: address the fundamental durability and fatigue weaknesses of current thermoset-formed carbon fiber sticks, while actually delivering superior performance characteristics. In solving this problem, they ushered in the future of composite hockey sticks.

    • Introducing Neo Carbon™, a next generation material that pushes the limits of what’s possible in composite hockey stick performance. Neo Carbon™ delivers a phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio and significantly more impact resistance versus leading sticks. Remember when wood sticks gave way to a better weapon? Here we go again...

    • Neo Carbon™ essentially melds the performance advantages of continuous carbon fibre with the enhanced resilience of an advanced aerospace-grade polymer. As opposed to the thermoset composites used in leading hockey sticks, this advanced material shows virtually no flex deterioration over time. You put a material this extraordinary in the hands of our performance-obsessed engineers, and what results is a next generation hockey stick that delivers more pop, for much longer.

    • To produce unprecedented performance, you have to innovate at all levels. Using a proprietary fabrication method, we mold the most resilient composite ever used for a hockey stick into one solid piece − no joints, no adhesives, no overlaps whatsoever. The result is an absolute optimization of carbon fibre’s strength-to-weight ratio in a stick that feels balanced like no other.

  • Last but not least: Neo Carbon™ is completely recyclable. That means that the most intimidating hockey sticks ever made also represent the first eco-friendly option in the industry. Making the world a better place, one blistering shot at a time.